Why should we carry our babies?

It’s good for them. It’s good for us. It’s good for our families. It’s good for society.
Sounds a bit too much of all? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of babywearing.

Babywearing is good for the babies…
…it supports their correct physical developement by ergonomically correct positioning. A babies spine is curved like a C. This natural formation is perfectly supported, but not forced, in an ergonomically correct baby carrier. A babies hip bones are still soft and need to develope into their correct positioning while hardening. Correct carriers support the perfect hip position for future growth, without pain of course.
…it gives babies the much needed attachment by close contact to the caretaker. Smell, heartbeat and transferring hormones are helping the baby to define, recognize and attach to the parent.
…babies cues are read immediately. Signs for an upcoming cry can be read instead of only hearing your baby cry for you to react. Hunger, tiredness or stimulation needs can be learned and read as good as possible. The baby is well taken care of.
…it protects the baby from other influences like noisy visitors, sound, different smell and bacteria transferred by contact and liquids. Close to the caretaker a newborn zooms all other influences out, finding her world on her nose tip.

Babywearing is good for us, the parents…
…it gives the parents the chance to bond in the best possible way. The new human is to be experienced as well by smell, sound and touch. It is easier to realize the new existence by visual confirmation and as much connection as possible. The caretakers hormones will react to this, sending out the Love hormone, oxytocin, helping the body connect to the baby both physically and mentally.
…it gives back some freedom of movement and activity. With a handsfree baby carrier, a caretaker is free to do necessery things in the household or treat themselves with a tea while taking care of the baby.
…it helps a recovering mother to gain physical strength faster and rebuild her abdominal, spinal and pelvis system. To keep carrying the baby after birth and with growing weight in a correct positioning is very helpful in the rebuilding of the prepregnancy posture and body.
…it is a booster for milk supply and will help every new mom to stimulate milk production and breastfeed. If breastfeeding can not be done, the time carried can make up for the emotional conntection missed during feeding times.

Babywearing is good for the family…
…a well attached baby is a happier baby and a well attached mother is more likely to recover emotionally from after birth hormones. Happier family members make for an easier start in the new family structure.
…there might be several children in the house that need to be taken care of at the same time. To be able to attend an older child while taking care of a smaller one is a fantastically helpful resource to make several family members happy and taken care of.
…it makes travelling so much easier. To be handsfree on a plane or train to carry luggage or to not have to worry about that travelling pram is a gift for all world travellors.

Babywearing is good for society…
…if babywearing makes for well attached children, society is building on the most trustworthy foundation possible.
…the alternatives to babywearing are often involving higher production costs and resources, higher investments from the families and are often less supportive for physical well being of both children and new mothers.
…in a world society where security and mental health are not a given for many, babywearing can try to do its part in creating just that for our little wearees.